Our Leadership Team subscribes to the notion of “lifelong learning.” We believe that continuing education fosters collegiality and is vital for ongoing, high quality, effective service delivery and attainment of the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We believe that participation in professional development clearly and directly impacts each staff member’s competence and skills. Our providers are required to participate in both onsite and offsite professional development opportunities. Our structured, formal onsite Clinical Roundtables are presented by onsite and offsite multi-disciplinary professionals and have focused on many topics, including, but not limited to the following: professional codes of ethics, autism, feeding and swallowing, voice, fluency, Applied Behavior Analysis, sign-language, working with bilingual children and families, cultural diversity, managing child behavior, data collection, standardized testing, documentation (i.e., writing evaluation reports, daily notes/SOAPs, summary of progress) report writing, therapy techniques, etc. Because of the quality of our onsite training, many of our staff have been able to utilize earned continuing education units towards their annual state licensure renewals.

Because “Teamwork” is one of our key principles, we believe that team building is an important ingredient for fostering integrity, commitment, understanding, and collegiality, which directly impacts successful service delivery to our clients. Accordingly, we hold a wide range of fun, unusually exciting, structured and informal activities to recognize our staff for their hard work and dedication and to promote Teamwork throughout the year. These activities also reflect our belief that our staff are our most important asset.

Below are just a few examples of the variety of activities that our Team Spirit Committee organizes and conducts.

  • Corporate Retreats (Corporate Strategic Planning)
  • Employee of the Year! (Staff Recognition)
  • Birthday/Employee Anniversary
  • Annual Staff & Friends Cookouts
  • SPA Day @ Children’s Evaluation & Therapy Center!
  • Peer Buddies
  • Peer Clinical Reviews
  • Bowling
  • Winter Holiday Parties
  • Game Night