From the enrollment process to your child’s first day of service, we will listen carefully to ensure that we understand your concerns and how best to serve your child and family. Our relationship with parents and family members is very important to us and one that is very valuable. We view parents and family members (e.g., grandparents) as partners throughout the evaluation and treatment process. We utilize formal and informal evaluation techniques to ensure that we have captured a reliable, valid assessment of each child’s abilities and their individual needs. Because we subscribe to a multi-disciplinary team approach, we often consult our Team members regarding our observations and impressions. Once we have completed our comprehensive assessments, we create either a therapy Plan of Care or academic Instructional Plan that will guide our service delivery. Through discussions after each session, homework assignments, and Quarterly Reviews, we keep you actively involved and informed each step of the way. We desire that your child and family have a successful experience during the time that your child receives services at our special Center.