Our Clinical Team consists of a highly diverse group of dedicated, energetic, highly credentialed, licensed professionals. As such, we have the benefit of the knowledge and expertise of senior therapists, as well as the fresh, creative perspectives and ideas of our junior therapists who either hold, or are working towards, completion of advanced degrees. Our Team is enhanced by our Therapy Assistants and Graduate Externs. Each and every one of our experienced and highly qualified team members is committed to making a substantial difference in the lives of children. Our Team Leaders and Mentors (Supervisors) are trained to ensure best practices in direct and indirect service delivery Center-wide. Our Administrative Team provides critical support to our Leadership and Clinical Teams and enables them to conduct our company’s daily business and onsite (Center-based) and offsite operations. They are instrumental in carrying out all administrative, personnel (e.g., recruitment, hiring, credentialing), financial, marketing, Center operational, and other related functions.

We have been successful because we understand the importance of providing outstanding customer service. Our clients will testify to our employees’ professionalism, dedication, and skills.

Student Assistants