We recruit and hire senior and junior professionals to serve in a variety of clinical and administrative positions at our Center. Because we are a “mover and shaker” within the healthcare and educational industry, we seek individuals who exhibit the primary character traits of integrity and professionalism, and who aspire to demonstrate unwavering excellence. Furthermore, we desire to work with professionals who: a) are passionate about their respective fields of service; b) embrace continuing education and sharing of ideas within a dynamic team environment; and c) exhibit a strong commitment to serving children and families. We actively supervise and employ up and coming clinicians (e.g., Speech-Language Clinical Fellows, Graduate Clinicians, Speech-Language Pathology Assistants, and Certified OT Assistants) through our structured Mentor programs. Individuals who demonstrate unusual professionalism, organizational, time management, competence, and leadership skills are quickly recognized and promoted as opportunities arise within the company.

Employees Of The Year