1. We accept private payment (Out-Of-Pocket), Maryland Medical Assistance (MMA)/Medicaid insurance, and community scholarship or grant funds for children with disabilities. Our Center will bill commercial insurance carriers (i.e., CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, United HealthCare, CIGNA) as a courtesy, but not as a participating provider. This means that families will be expected to pay our regular Center fees Out-of-Pocket at the time of each Center visit (i.e., each scheduled appointment). Depending on a family’s benefit plan, they may be due reimbursement directly from their insurance carrier. To determine whether reimbursement is due, families must contact their insurance carrier(s).
  2. If desired after you pay for services Out-Of-Pocket on the day that services are rendered, on the family’s behalf, we will gladly file (submit) one (1) claim, for each office visit (i.e., scheduled appointment), to the family’s primary insurance carrier. We do not accept secondary insurance information or file claims to secondary insurance carriers.
  3. If after we file an initial claim for each Center visit (i.e., each scheduled appointment), there is any required follow-up on primary insurance claims, or if families have any questions about the claims, their benefits or reimbursement, then parents are responsible for follow-up with their insurance carrier(s) to seek resolution.
  4. If Medicaid will be used towards payment, then you must provide your child’s Medical Assistance/Medicaid number during the intake/enrollment process. Parents are required to maintain and confirm their child(ren)’s Medicaid eligibility. If a child is found to be ineligible for services and Medicaid denies payment, then parents will be required to immediately pay the Center’s Out-of-Pocket fees.