Thank you for your interest in receiving services from Children’s Evaluation & Therapy Center. We hope that your child’s/family’s experience with us will be positive and successful. Enrolling your child at our Center is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Please carefully read and follow these three (3) basic steps.

STEP 1: Begin Intake Process

  1. Please call our center to briefly discuss his/her needs, our services, fees, and payment options.
  2. Note Payment Options: We accept private payment (Out-of-Pocket), insurance (accepted insurance is displayed below), and community scholarship or grant funds for children with disabilities.                                                                                                     

STEP 2: Complete forms and email copies of historical records to our center

If our Intake Assistant and you agree to proceed with consultative, evaluation, or therapy services, then you should visit our website (www.ChildrensEtc.net) and print, thoroughly and carefully complete, and sign these forms:

Because your child’s history is essential to determining his/her current needs and future progress, you should plan to

  1. Email (See instructions below);
  2. Hand deliver to the Center;
  3. or Mail via USPS the Case History and Release Form mentioned above, as well as copies of relevant, applicable documents (records) listed below.

Please note that all of the documents listed below may not apply to your child. You must send the most recent copies of those documents that apply to your child and that are available to you. Obtaining this information from you is vital to our success in evaluating and/or serving your child and family. Therefore, please be sure to freely and voluntarily disclose all available information to us. If you have questions about what documents to bring to your child’s appointment, then please call us.

  • Hospital and/or NICU discharge summaries
  • Most recent medical office visit reports
  • Audiological (hearing) evaluation reports
  • Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP), Infant & Toddlers Program Reports
  • Previous psychological evaluation reports (conducted by school district or hospital, [e.g., CNMC, Kennedy Krieger, GUH])
  • Previous educational evaluation reports (conducted by school district or privately)
  • Most recent/last report card or progress report
  • Previous speech-language (SL), occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT) evaluation reports
  • Most recent SL, OT, and/or PT progress notes and/or discharge summaries
  • PGCPS (or other school district) Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • Other historical records not listed above

If you choose to email documents, you must:

  1. Email all documents in PDF Format
  2. Save documents in your child’s name and include the type of document (e.g., Save document as “John_Doe_SL_Evaluation”)
  3. Email each form or report as a separate document and not as one (1) document attachment
  4. Email the documents to: Admin@Childrensetc.net

Because of the volume of clients served and documents that are required, please DO NOT FAX documents to us. Please let our Intake Assistant know if you plan to email, hand deliver, or mail your records via USPS.

STEP 3: Bring Insurance Card(s) & Driver’s License, & Arrive Early FOR CENTER ORIENTATION

Orientation: Center Arrival – Before arriving for your Center appointment, please ensure that you have provided all documents to us as requested in STEP 2 above. Please arrive on time so that we may complete the orientation process. You should bring your driver’s license and your child’s insurance card (Medicaid or commercial insurance card for courtesy billing). Furthermore, if a parent’s orientation appointment results in a Late Cancellation or NO SHOW , then we reserve the right to not reschedule the appointment or to charge a Late Cancellation or NO SHOW fee to reschedule the appointment. We look forward to working with your child & family!

General Information:

Evaluation: If after your Orientation, your child is scheduled for an evaluation, then you must be prepared to be at the Center for up to two (2) hours. Parents are required to remain in the waiting area throughout testing. Depending on the type of evaluation conducted, the evaluator will either ask that you remain for approximately 15 minutes after the evaluation to discuss his/her clinical impressions and general recommendations before you leave the Center or ask that you return for an interpretive conference.

Consultations: The nature and scope of these services will be determined on a case-by-case basis.